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percentage of rape victims (source):

women: 90%

men: 10% 

median salary (source):

women: $17,629

male: $30,514

victims of domestic violence (source):

women: 85%

men: 15%

people murdered by their significant other (source):

women: 75%

men: 25%

those darn privileged females

Yeah. There’s a reason women need 500+ shelters.

You know what’s truly sad about that dudebro’s meme? if he had only made it male specific, just left the comparison thing off of it. He could have actually started a conversation about male issues. He could have focused it as an awareness campaign and urged people to take action. He could have researched and added resources for men facing these struggles. But no, he spent his time with a “But men!” message and not actually contributing anything to the causes we’re supposed to believe he cares about.

That last comment.

herein lies the problem with MRAs

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